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Joint development, scientific attack and 5G form a tripartite structure of the three powers

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Joint development, scientific attack and 5G form a tripartite structure of the three powers

Joint development, scientific attack and 5G form a tripartite structure of the three powers

Following the release of the world‘s first 5G mobile phone chip "Qiaolong 855" by Qualcomm, a global chip manufacturer, on July 7th, Taiwan‘s Unified Development Section officially released its first 5G multi-mode integrated baseband chip "Helio M70" in Guangzhou, formally announcing its entry into the 5G competition. With the release of 5G application chips by MediaTek and Intel‘s active layout in this field, the competition situation of 5G mobile chips from Qualcomm, MediaTek and Intel will become clearer and clearer in the future.

In fact, in the face of the rapid development of the 5G field in the mainland, Qualcomm‘s global 5G industry layout is becoming more and more active. In October this year, Qualcomm took the initiative to express its position to Taiwan‘s 5G office and China Telecom to join Taiwan‘s 5G national team and grab business opportunities with Taiwan‘s factories.

Industry insiders pointed out that from the release of the above-mentioned Qiulong 855 chip, Qualcomm‘s development of 5G mobile phone chip is still the fastest in all factories, and the station team Qualcomm of Taiwanese factories will be very helpful to seize the first wave of global 5G business opportunities in the future.

It is noteworthy that Qualcomm‘s main competitors for 5G chips include MediaTek and Intel. In particular, MediaTek released 5G multi-mode integrated baseband chip "Helio" in Guangzhou on the 7th day. M70 ", because it supports all the key technologies of 5G, is an independent 5G baseband chip, which shows that the posture of CDK is quite obvious after catching up with Qualcomm.

However, analysts also pointed out that because the 5G mobile chips of MediaTek and Intel are not expected to be launched until 2020, this also means that next year‘s 5G mobile chips market, or even Qualcomm is likely to have a dominant situation.
However, at present, the pace of involvement of MediaTek and Intel in the 5G field is getting faster and faster. In addition to the "Helio M70" chip of MediaTek, Intel‘s 5G baseband chip XMM 8160 has been officially released half a year ahead of schedule in November. Obviously, the future 5G chip market will be made up of these three companies. The pattern of "Three Powers Dividing" will be clearer.

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